Writing Rules


  • The abstract,  must be written in both Turkish and English languages. Our editors assist participants from abroad for Turkish abstracts.
  • The abstract should consist of at least 250 and at most 500 words, including the purpose, method, findings, conclusion and recommendations. It should be written as a single paragraph without using subheadings.
  • There must be keywords consisting of 5 words, with one line space left under the abstract.
  • Abstract text and keywords must be justified on both sides.
  • Title must be written in Calibri font with the first letter of the capitalized, size 11 and all in bold. 
  • Author names must be written just below the title and footnotes should be given for each author.
  • In the footnote section, the institution, department, title, e-mail address and ORCID number of the author must be specified.
  • Abstracts must be prepared in Word format (.docx, doc). It should not be uploaded to the system in a format such as PDF.

Full Text

  • Full texts of the paper must include a Turkish and English title, abstract and keywords.
  • The names of the authors must be added under the title and the details of the authors should be included in the footnote.
  • In the full text, main and sub-headings must be used and these headings must be numbered in order to provide a regular information transfer.
  • Full texts of the papers must be prepared according to the 7th edition of the American Psychological Association (APA).
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