About The Congress

The Center for Social Research was established at the beginning of 2022 by scientists with academic sensitivities shaped around universal principles. Our Center, which set out to contribute to the goal of making Turkish the language of science, is a peer-reviewed social sciences journal called Journal of TAM Academy, which will be published twice a year from the first day. It declared that it will be the representative of a mission that guides and gives direction to our country, our people, the Turkish world, and contributes to the decision-making mechanisms with strategic evaluations, and opens horizons, in line with its targets with the TAM Congresses to be held every year. In this direction, it presented its first products to the scientific world in a short period of six months. Journal of TAM Academy, our international peer-reviewed social sciences journal, met with the readers with its first issue dated May 2022. This book, the preface of which you are reading, consists of Turkish and English summaries of the papers presented at the TAM 1st International Social Sciences Congress, which we held in Antalya’s Kaş district on 20-22 May 2022. In our congress, 43 papers were presented with the participation of 60 scientists from Hong Kong, an important part of the People’s Republic of China, Cameroon, Serbia, and universities all over Türkiye. Registered viewers from Italy, Palestine, Thailand, and many parts of our country followed our congress. Our congress was held face-to-face and online in the lap of nature and history in Kaş Culture House with the contributions of Kaş Municipality. While bringing this book, which is the first work of TAM Publishing, to the world of science, I would like to express my endless thanks to the members of our Center for Social Research think tank and Fikirbas Advertising Agency, who have contributed greatly to the realization of our congress and the goals we have set, and I wish you a good read with the hope of contributing to academic knowledge.


Prof. Mustafa YILMAZ
Congress President